Olga Gerovasili

Member of Parliament Arta

Contact Info

Web Site:
Arta, Kassopitras street, 10, 471 00
tel.: +30 26810 29077
fax: +30 26810 29077

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Arta, 16 January 1961
Marital Status:
Married with three children
Medical Doctor - Radiologist
Athens Medical School
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

Olga was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP), in the Arta Constituency, for the first time, with the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), in the General Elections of May, 6th and June, 17th, 2012. Re-elected on January, 25th, 2015. She now holds the position of Parliamentary Speaker for the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA).

Political/Social Activities

Olga has been politically active since her university years, participating in various political and social struggles.
During the period 1997 – 2003 she was the Secretary for the Arta Medical Society and, consequently, in the years 2003 – 2005 Secretary for the Arta Medical Association.
She also actively participated in the Cultural Associations “SKOUFAS” and “Arta Initiative for the Visual Arts”.
In the year’s 2000 General Elections Olga run as an independent –under the auspices of SYRIZA- candidate for the Constituency of Arta. In the European elections of 2004, she presented herself as candidate with the “Women for Another Europe” Group.
In 1998 she was elected Member of the Local (Municipal) Board for the City of Arta. She was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Municipal Development Company and, also, acted as Vice-Chairman of the Mayoral Committee itself. Consequently in the City of Arta local elections for the years 2006 and 2010 she ran as Mayor Candidate with “DIMOTIKI ALLAGI”, a non-aligned citizens’ group in Arta.

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