Anna Vagena

Member of Parliament Larissa

Contact Info

Akadimou 16, 10436, Athens
Τel: +30210 5248826, FAX: +30210 5248820

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Larisa, Thessaly, 1947.
Marital Status:
Married and mother of two daughters.
Actress – Producer – Writer.
Art Theatre (Karolos Koun), Drama School at National Theatre of Greece, Law School of Athens.

Parliamentary Activities

Independent Member of the Parliament (2012) after voting against the Second austerity package.

Political/Social Activities

In 1975, the Thessalian Theatre was founded under her own initiative. It later became an example for the decentralization of theatre production and the guide for establishing local theatres in different prefectures of Greece. In 1999 she co-founded with her husband, the famous composer Lucianos Kilaidonis, the "Metaxourgeio" Theatre, contributing to the development of the degraded urban area, Metaxourgeion, in the center of Athens. She has been since the owner and director. Apart from presenting her own work, she hosts the work of young Greek and foreign artists, in order to reinforce the contemporary theatre scene.
Founder member of "Diazoma" Association for the enhancement and the promotion of ancient theatres.
Since 1978, she has been elected twice as member of the municipal council in Larisa, Thessaly.
Member of the Lambrakis Youth Movement since her high-school years.
Greatest Performances
In 1972 she won the 1st Female Part Award at the Thessaloniki Festival for her performance at To proxenio tis Annas (Anna’s Engagement, a film directed by Pantelis Voulgaris. Some of the most important performances throughout her career include:
• To Gala (Το Γάλα)
• Angela Papazoglou (Αγγέλα Παπάζογλου)
• O Gamos (Ο Γάμος)

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