Apostolos  VesyropoulosNEA DIMOKRATIA

Apostolos Vesyropoulos

Member of Parliament Imathia

Contact Info

Web Site:

Alexandreia, 43 Them. Sofouli Str., P.C. 59300
Tel.: 23330 24777, 27244, 27239 Fax: 23330 24748
Veroia, Elias & 54 Mitropoleos Str., P.C. 59100
Tel./Fax: 23310 61889, Fax: 23310 61389

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Apostolos Vesiropoulos was born in Veroia in 1966 and his son of Fotios Vessyropoulos and Chrysoula Efraimidou.
Marital Status:
He is married to Highschool Teacher, Katerina Katsavou and they have two children, Chrysoula and Vasili.
Civil Cervant
Business and Financial Administration, A.T.E.I., Larissa, Accounting degree
MA in Public Law and Political Science, School of Law, Dimokriteion University, Thrace
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

He was elected second in votes MP for Nea Dimokratia party at the 17th June 2012 elections

Political/Social Activities

1995-1998 community counselor in Kypseli Imathia.
2004-2008 elected member in the board of directors of D.A.K.E. organization of taxmen in Imathia , Pella and Pieria
2007-2010 Prefectural counselor of Imathia and A’ Vice Prefect with major activity in Agricultural Development, Finances, Trade and Consumer’s Protection sections. November 2010 elected in the Council of Municipality of Veroia
2010 – today elected Vice President of NODE, Nea Dimokratia Imathia

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