Sofia  SakorafaMeRA25

Sofia Sakorafa

8th Deputy Speaker

Member of Parliament Athens B3 Constituency (South)

Contact Info

Web Site:
30-32, George str., 10682 Athens.
Τel./Fax: 210 3814451, 210 3814681

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Trikala of Thessalia, 1957
Marital Status:
Married, mother of two children
Teacher of Physical Education
National Academy of Physical Education
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

In 2000 she was elected Member of Parliament (PASOK). She is re-elected as MP of PASOK in 2007 and 2009. Member of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Cultural Affairs, of the Special Permanent Committee on Equality and Human Rights, Vice President of the Parliamentary Friendship group with Palestine and member of the relevant groups with Cuba, Venezuela and Russia. In the second parliamentary term, member of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Production and Trade, of the Special Permanent Committee on Road Safety.
On May 2010, she voted against the law on the first “memorandum” (agreement with creditors – partners) and became an Independent Member of Greek Parliament. She’s elected MP at the elections on 6 May 2012 and those of 17 JUNE. SYRIZA-EKM deputy (2012-2014). In charge of SYRIZA’s Committee for Parliamentary Control on the Ministry of Interior, member of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice, Member of the Special Standing Committee on European Affairs.
In the 2014 European Parliament elections he is elected MEP with SYRIZA. She was a full member of the European Committee on Foreign Affairs and the European Committee of Petitions, an alternate member of the European Committee for Industry, Research and Technology, President of the European Parliament's Delegation for relations with Central America (DCAM).
In September 2015, following the signing of the third “memorandum” by the SYRIZA government, she leaves the SYRIZA Eurogroup and continues to act as an independent MEP of the Eurogroup of the Left (GUE / NGL). In December 2018, it united its forces with the European movement MeRA25-DiEM, in the struggle for another Europe of common prosperity, peace, democracy, justice and solidarity for all citizens. He is elected MP with MeRA25 in the elections of 7 July 2019.

Political/Social Activities

She was javelin champion in Greece (1982-1987) and in 1982 she breaks the World record.
She is actively involved in peace and political solidarity movements. She has been active in the field of Local Government for 12 years, as a Municipal Councilor of Athens and Amaroussion (1994-2006).
Ιn 2004, she participates in the Athens Olympics with the Palestinian Olympic Team, a peace initiative that caused international sense.
She visits President Yasser Arafat in the blocked Mukataa (headquarters of the Palestinian Authority), where he awarded her honorary Palestinian citizenship. In November 2008 was invited as an International Observer for the Local Elections in Venezuela.
In 2009 she participates in the “Ship of Gaza” initiative and visits Gaza during the war.

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