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Athanasios  LioupisNEA DIMOKRATIA

Athanasios Lioupis

Member of Parliament Magnesia

Contact Info

Volos Address: Agiou Nikolaou 36
Tel.: 24210-34818, Fax: 24210-29607
Athens Address: Mitropoleos 1
Tel.: 210-3236480

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Marital Status:
Married, Father of six children.
Medical Doctor, Surgeon.
-1981-1982 Basic Medical Practice in a Rural Surgery
Anavra, Agia in the Larissa area.
-1988-2019 Senior Attending Physician (1988-1997)
General Hospital of Volos, Thessaly.
-1997-2019 Head of the Surgical Department
General Hospital of Volos, Thessaly.
-2014-2019 Chairman of the Scientific Council
General Hospital of Volos, Thessaly -1988-present Speaker, Organizer and Coordinator of the organizing committee of a large number of Greek and International medical conferences.
-1988-presen Participation and writing of a large number of medical publications, presented at Greek and International medical conferences and published in local and international medical journals.
-1988-present Member of Medical Societies.
-1997-present Member of the Judgement Medical Board of the National Health System.
-2007-present Member of the Examination committee council for the award of Surgery specialty.
-1972-1978 University of Athens Medical School.
-1982-1986 Residence and Specialty in Surgery
University Clinic of the Laiko General Hospital of Athens.
-1987-1988 Post Graduate Specialty in Vascular Surgery
University of Zurich, Switzerland.
-1988 PhD of the University of Zurich, Switzerland.
(recognized by the Greek organization ΔΙΚΑΤΣΑ).
Foreign Languages:
English, German

Parliamentary Activities

- He was elected as member of the parliament in the general election of 7th July 2019.
- He is a member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs .
- He is a member of the Special Standing??? Committee on the Monitoring of the Social Security System.

Political/Social Activities

- 2014-2019 Member of the Prefecture of Thessaly Council, responsible for Public Health and the Environment.
- 2015- June 2019 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Centre for the Prevention of addictions “ΠΡΟΤΑΣΗ ΖΩΗΣ”.
- June 2019- present member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for the Prevention of addictions “ΠΡΟΤΑΣΗ ΖΩΗΣ”.
- 2015- present Vice-Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of The Society for Social Intervention and Culture of the Municipality of Magnesia, Thessaly. (ΕΚΠΟΛ).

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