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Miltiadis (Miltos)  ChrysomallisNEA DIMOKRATIA

Miltiadis (Miltos) Chrysomallis

Member of Parliament Messinia

Contact Info

Web Site:
1 Sekeri Str., 106 71, Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 363 8626
7 Mitropetrova Str. & Sidirodromikou Stathmou, 241 00 Kalamata, Greece
Tel.: +30 27210 87500

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Kalamata, 29th of October 1977
Marital Status:
Civil Engineer
BA in Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, PhD in Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

Member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs
Member of the Special Permanent Committee on Environmental Protection
Member of the subcommittee on water
Part of the Greece-USA, Greece-Israel, Greece-Estonia and Greece-Iran (as secretary) Friendship Group

Political/Social Activities

He has been involved in important research projects:
▪ «Road safety on the Egnatia Motorway»
▪ «Sound environment research for the P.A.TH.E. Roadway» for the section of Athens, Lamia, Larissa.
He has published scientific studies on his specialization.
From 2003 onwards he works in Kalamata as a civil engineer. He has designed and implemented a multitude of projects. From 1997 and onwards he has actively engaged in politics through New Democracy Party.
▪ 2003-2004 – He was a member of the Political Strategy Board for the Thessaloniki Branch of the Youth Organisation of New Democracy.
▪ 2004-2007 – In charge of the Press Office for the Thessaloniki Branch of the Youth Organisation of New Democracy.
▪ 2005-2007 – collaborator of the Thessaloniki Center of Political Research and Communication.
▪ 2010, member of the New Democracy Political Committee.
▪ 2014-2016, Deputy Secretary of Strategic Planning for the New Democracy.

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