Nikolaos  NikolopoulosINDEPENDENT

Nikolaos Nikolopoulos

Member of Parliament Achaia

Contact Info

1 Sekeri St, 106 71, Athens
Tel.: +30.210.367.5809, +30.210.367.5810, Fax: +30.210.367.5609
48, Miaouli St, 1st floor, 26222, Patras, Tel.: +30.261.0344700 & +30.261.0344702, fax: +30.261.0344703.

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Born in Patras on 21-02-1958.
Marital Status:
Married to Anastasia Manolopoulou and has two daughters and a son.
Politics, Panteion University; Social Theology, University of Athens; MBA in Economics and Management.
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

Elected MP (ND) for Achaia in the general elections of 1989 (November), 1990, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2009.
Member of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs. Member of the European all-party Assembly on Orthodoxy and the Committee of Greek and Cypriot ministers for Cyprus’ accession to the EU. Participated in many parliamentary missions to foreign parliaments.

Political/Social Activities

Founding member and Chairman of the Independent Movement of Schoolchildren (MAKI) (1974-1976). Chairman of the ONNED (the ND Youth Organisation) Prefectural Committees for Achaia and Chios. Vice- Chairman of the ND Prefectural Committee for Achaia. Elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of the ND Labour Union arm of the Credit Bank Employees’ Union, and Secretary General of the Panhellenic Association of Professional Credit Bank Employees. Elected representative to the Athens Labour Centre, the General Confederation of Greek Labour (GSEE), the Federation of Bank employees (OTOE), and the Federation of Church Chanters. Head of the ND section on the National Economy after the party elections of 11-06-2001. Elected onto the ND Political Council on 28-02-2003. Member of the Movement for General Disarmament, Freedom and Security in Europe, the Patras Society for the Study of Collective Problems, and various other associations. Instrumental in founding and publishing the magazine Logos, (1986-1997). Part of the editorial team for the political interventionist magazine: Politico Edefktirio (political meeting-place). Elected onto Patras City Council in 1986. Head of the ND secretariat for Citizen’s Cultural Initiatives since 02-08-2000.