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Ioannis Ragkousis

Member of Parliament Piraeus B

Contact Info

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Petrou Rally 238, Nikaia PC 18450
Tel. +30210-4929349

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Athens, 11 December 1965.
Individual business in tourism sector.
University of Sussex, M.A. Development Economics, 1990
University of Thessaloniki, B.A. Honors in Economics, 1989
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

Seven (7) laws were legislated and implemented during Giannis Ragkousis’ twenty- month tenure as Minister of Interior, decentralization and e-government.
• Law 3812/2009: Reforming the system of employment in the public sector. By this law the principle of meritocratic recruitment to the public sector was established.
• Law 3861/2010: «Enhancing Transparency with the Mandatory Uploading and Disclosure of Laws and Acts of the Government Administrative and Local Government Authorities, PROJECT CLARITY – DI@VGEIA». This law not only provided for the uploading of all acts, decrees and decisions on the internet, but also provided that no act, decree and decision will be executed without prior disclosure on the internet. This was a notable innovation which enhanced transparency in the Greek public sector.
• Law 3852/2010: «New Architecture of Local Government and of Decentralized Administration – KALLIKRATIS PROJECT».
• Law 3838/2010: «Modern provisions for Greek citizenship and political participation of emigrants and immigrants – legal residents».
• Law 3839/2010: «Selection System of Heads of Administration Units with objective and meritocratic criteria».
• Law 3979/2011: «Legislation for e-Government». This law gave, for the first time, a proper legal status to electronic document and the use of electronic signature in public administration.
• Law 3870/2010: «Electoral expenses of political parties and candidates and monitoring of expenses during regional and municipal elections».
• In July 2010 the Ministry of Interior organized a comprehensive census of the public servants who are on the State’s payroll. The census allowed the compilation of reliable data on civil service employment in Greece for the first time.
• Ministerial Decree for the establishment of a maximum cubic capacity of state-owned cars (1,600 and 1,400 cc), which came into effect in October 2009.
• Ministerial Decree, as Deputy Minister of Defense, by which was established, for the first time, an objective and meritocratic system of transposition in armed forces.

Political/Social Activities

He was elected Mayor of the Local Authority of Paros Island in 2002 and 2006. He has been Minister for 2,5 years and Member of the Parliament for 4,5 years. He was President of the students’ club in the Department of Finance of the University of Thessaloniki and the Head of PASP in the central board of EFEE in 1991-1992. Member of the Central Committee of PASOK in 1994-1996, which was the last committee of Andreas Papandreou, and Secretary of the National Council of PASOK in 2008-2009.

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