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Eleni Rapti

Member of Parliament Thessaloniki A

Contact Info


Thessaloniki, Egnatias 121, P.C. 54635, Tel: 2310 200017,
FAX: 2310 203865

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Eleni Rapti was born and raised in Thessaloniki.
She has worked as an entrepreneur in the field of audiovisual communication systems.
She has graduated from Arsakeio Secondary School of Thessaloniki.
She studied Psychology and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.
She is a graduate of the Department of Greek Civilization of the Open University of Cyprus.

Parliamentary Activities

She was elected Member of the Greek Parliament with New Democracy, in the constituency of Thessaloniki, first time in 2004.
She was re-elected three consecutive times, in the national elections of 2007, 2009 and 2012.
As from 2004,
She has been an elected secretary of the Parliament Secretariat
She has been an appointed member of
• The Standing Parliamentary Committee on National Defense & State Affairs
• The Standing Parliamentary Committee on Educational Affairs
• The Standing Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs
• The Special Standing Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs
• The Special Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Equality, Youth and Human Rights
• The sub-Committee on issues related to people with disabilities
She is an elected Vice-President of the Parliamentary Friendship Groups with the National Parliaments of Spain and the Czech Republic.
She is an appointed member of the Parliamentary Friendship Groups with the national Parliaments of Italy, Israel, the Czech Republic, the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Tunisia, Spain and Great Britain.
She is an appointed member of the Groups of Standing Parliamentary Committees
• On National Defense & State Affairs/sector of Macedonia- Thrace
• On Educational Affairs/sector of Culture
• On Productivity & Commerce/sector of Tourism
• On Public Administration, Public Order & Justice/ Sector of Public Order
• On Social Affairs/ sector of Social Solidarity.

Political/Social Activities

She was elected in the Council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, first time in 1996. She was re-elected in 2002, first among other candidates.
She is a founding member of the Non Governmental Organization, “Agapi” and the voluntary group “Omada mazi sas”, an information center for the voluntary movement in Greece.
Following a decision of the president of New Democracy, she has been appointed Secretary of Voluntarism & NGO of New Democracy since January 2011.

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