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Stavros Georgiou Papasotiriou

Stavros Georgiou Papasotiriou

Member of Parliament Florina

Contact Info

Florina Office:
2 Archimandrite Papathanassiou Str, 53100 Florina
Tel. 23850-24455, 23850-24465

Athens Office:
4 Voulis Str, 10562 Syntagma
Tel. 210-3237951, 210-3706213, 210-3706413

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
I was born in Florina in 1968.
Marital Status:
I am married to Anastasia Bravos and we have two sons, George and Stefanos, both students.
I served as Manager of the “Bodossakeio” Hospital in Ptolemaida, repeatedly receiving awards for excellence in organization, operation, development and efficiency due to the utilization of best practices and the implementation of innovative actions.
I have worked as a labor consultant at OAED-DYPA of Florina, as a business consultant and as an executive in the banking sector.
- Graduate of the Economics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
- Recipient of the Master's Degree in Business Administration from AUTH.
- Recipient of the Master's Degree in Social, Cultural and Political Structures at Southeastern Europe from the University of Macedonia.
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

- I was elected Member of Parliament with N.D for Florina in the May 21st elections and I was re-elected on the 25th of June, 2023.
- Member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs.
- Member of the Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad.
- Member of the Committee on Parliament Finances.

Political/Social Activities

- I served for a number of years as an elected member of the Assembly of Representatives of the Greek Chamber of Economists (OEE).
- I have been elected in the Panhellenic Federation of OAED employees and I served as a representative of the Federation at ADEDY.
- Ex-member (non-executive) of the Board of Directors of Public Power Corporation (DEI).
- I have been a member of the Board of Directors of "Aristotelis" Educational Association of Florina.
- Elected President of the AUTH Student Association, member of the AUTH Assembly and of the Central Council of the EFEE.
- Ex-Chairman of the Prefectural Committee of N.D in Florina.
- I participated in the Political Responsibility Sectors for National Education & Religious Affairs and Labor & Social Security of N.D.
- I served for a number of years as an elected member of the Political Committee of N.D.

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