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Access of the permanent residents of the areas outside television coverage to the Greek... Law 03/09/2018 11/09/2018 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 169 Α'/20.09.2018
Access to the activity of credit institutions and precautionary supervision of credit institutions... Law 11/04/2014 05/05/2014 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 107 Α΄/05.05.2014
Adaptation of the national legislation to the provisions of Directive 2011/24/EU of the European... Law 14/10/2013 28/11/2013 Ministry of Health Completion
ΦΕΚ: 261 A'/ 09.12.2013
Additional measures for the application of Regulation (EU, EURATOM) No 1141/2014 on European... Law 10/02/2017 23/02/2017 Ministry of Interior Completion
ΦΕΚ: 24 A'/01.03.2017
Additional provisions regarding the National Cadastre and other provisions. Law 30/05/2013 25/06/2013 Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Completion
ΦΕΚ: 156 Α'/09.07.2013
Adjustment of the Greek legislation to the Directive 2011/61/EU with regard to the administrators... Law 17/10/2013 07/11/2013 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 253 A'/ 21.11.2013
Adjustment of the Hellenic legislation to Directive 2014/40/EU of the European Parliament and of... Law 15/07/2016 08/09/2016 Ministry of Health Completion
ΦΕΚ: 174 Α'/20.09.2016
Adjustment of the Hellenic legislation to the provisions of articles 19 20, 29, 30, 33, 35, 40-46... Law 03/06/2016 30/06/2016 MInistry of Economy, Development and Tourism Completion
ΦΕΚ: 125 Α'/07.07.2016
Adjustment of the Hellenic legislation to the provisions of Directive 2009/138/EC of the European... Law 04/01/2016 29/01/2016 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 13 A'/05.02.2016
Adjustment of the Hellenic legislation to the provisions of Directive 2013/33/EU of the European... Law 19/04/2018 15/05/2018 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 91 A' /22.05.2018
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