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Reduction in social security contributions and other provisions. Law 12/11/2018 22/11/2018 Μinistry of Labour, Social Security and (Social) Solidarity Completion
ΦΕΚ: 200 Α'/03.12.2018
Incorporation to the Hellenic legislation of Directive 2016/1148/EU of the European Parliament and... Law 12/11/2018 21/11/2018 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 199 Α'/03.12.2018
Ratification of a) the Act of legislative content of the 29th of June 2018 “Extension of reduced... Bill 07/11/2018 15/11/2018 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 196 A'/27.11.2018
Incorporation to the Hellenic legislation of Directive 2014/50/EU of the European Parliament and... Law 25/10/2018 08/11/2018 Μinistry of Labour, Social Security and (Social) Solidarity Completion
ΦΕΚ: 192 Α'/14.11.2018
Ratification of the Concession Agreement between the Hellenic State and the company “GAIAOSE... Law 09/10/2018 01/11/2018 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 191 A'/13.11.2018
Ratification of the Council Decision (EU, Euratom) 2018/994 of the 13th of July 2018 amending the... Int’l Convention 26/10/2018 31/10/2018 Ministry of Interior Completion
ΦΕΚ: 189 A'/12.11.2018
Urgent regulations for the submission of property status declarations and other provisions. Law 01/10/2018 24/10/2018 Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Completion
ΦΕΚ: 186 Α'/30.10.2018
Establishment of the Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki. Law 07/09/2018 23/10/2018 Ministry of Culture and Sports Completion
ΦΕΚ: 188 Α'/ 05.11.2018
Ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Hellenic Republic and the Government... Int’l Convention 04/10/2018 11/10/2018 MInistry of Education, Reasearch and Religious Affairs Completion
ΦΕΚ: 185 Α'/30.10.2018
I) Central Securities Depositories, II) Adjustment of the Hellenic legislation to the provisions... Law 20/09/2018 04/10/2018 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 179 A'/11.10.2018
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