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Reform of operation framework of the Consignment Deposits and Loans Fund, the Public Debt... Law 31/03/2011 11/05/2011 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 113 A'/18.05.2011
Ratification of the Act of Legislative Content "Very urgent regulation for the replacement of the... Law 21/07/2014 16/10/2014 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 231 A'/17.10.2014
Amendment of the Public Sector’s pension legislation – Provisions for development and fiscal... Law 14/07/2011 04/08/2011 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 180 A'/22.8.2011
Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities and limited companies of... Law 26/11/2012 18/12/2012 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 250 Α'/20.12.2012
Provisions regarding pensions and other urgent provisions for the application of the Memorandum of... Law 21/02/2012 28/02/2012 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 40 A'/29.2.2012
For the Ratification of the State's Balance Sheet of the fiscal year 2010 Law 18/11/2011 08/02/2012 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 26 A'/13.02.2012
Pension provisions, uniform pay scale – grading system, labour reserve and other provisions for... Law 06/10/2011 25/10/2011 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 226 A'/27.10.2011
Mid-term Fiscal Strategy Framework 2015-2018 Law 30/04/2014 09/05/2014 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 117 Α'/14.05.2014
Integration of Directive 2011/16/EU, regulation of issues of the Commission of Standards Assurance... Law 10/06/2013 02/07/2013 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 163 Α'/12.07.2013
For the ratification of Financial Statement of the State of the fiscal year 2012. Law 07/11/2013 26/03/2014 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 82 A'/01.04.2014
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