Committee on the Financial Statement and the General Balance Sheet and on the implementation of the State Budget ( SPECIAL STANDING COMMITTEES )

The committee examines specifically the financial statement, the general balance sheet and the implementation of the state budget. It consists of thirteen (13) members of the standing committee on economic affairs


PositionPolitical PartyNameContact Info
ChairmanSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Bgialas Christos
Vice-ChairmanSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Pavlidis Konstantinos
SecretarySYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Antoniou Christos
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Kara Giousouf Aichan
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Mardas Dimitrios
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Meikopoulos Alexandros
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Sifakis Ioannis
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Vardakis Sokratis
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Vettas Dimitrios
MemberN.D. (Nea Demokratia)Fortsakis Theodoros;
MemberN.D. (Nea Demokratia)Staikouras Christos
MemberN.D. (Nea Demokratia)Stamatis Dimitrios
MemberN.D. (Nea Demokratia)Tsiaras Konstantinos
MemberN.D. (Nea Demokratia)Vesyropoulos Apostolos
MemberDEMOCRATIC COALITION (Panhellenic Socialist Movement Democratic Left )Koutsoukos Giannis ttp://
MemberLAIKOS SYNDESMOS - CHRYSI AVGI (People’s Association – Golden Dawn)Karakostas Evangelos
MemberK.K.E. (Communist Party of Greece)Karathanasopoulos Nikolaos
MemberINDEPENDENTAmyras Georgios
MemberINDEPENDENTKatsikis Konstnatinos
MemberINDEPENDENTKavadellas Dimitrios
MemberINDEPENDENTMegalooikonomou Theodora