Committee on European Affairs ( SPECIAL STANDING COMMITTEES )

"The committee examines EU related issues, European policy issues, EU institution’s acts, and matters of cooperation between the Hellenic Parliament and other parliaments, the European Parliament etc. The Committee consists of a President, who is one of the Parliament’s Deputy Speakers, and 30 MPs"


PositionPolitical PartyNameContact Info
ChairmanN.D. (New Democracy)Tragakis Ioannis
1st Vice-ChairmanN.D. (New Democracy)Mousouroulis Konstantinos
2nd Vice-ChairmanSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Papadimoulis Dimitrios
SecretaryPA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement)Triantafyllos Konstantinos
MemberDHM.AR (Democratic Left)Giannakaki Maria
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Chatzilamprou Vasileios
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Dourou Eirini (Rena)
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Dragasakis Ioannis
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Dritsas Theodoros
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Konstantopoulou Zoe
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Valavani Olga - Nantia
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Arampatzi Foteini
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Asimakopoulou Anna-Misel
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Giakoumatos Gerasimos
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Kaklamanis Nikitas
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Kontos Alexandros
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Orfanos Georgios
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Patrianakou Fevronia
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Stylianidis Evripidis
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Taliadouros Spyridon
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Tasoulas Konstantinos
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Voultepsi Sofia
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Ypsilantis Vasileios - Niikolaos
MemberLAIKOS SYNDESMOS - CHRYSI AVGI (People’s Association – Golden Dawn)Panagiotaros Ilias
MemberLAIKOS SYNDESMOS - CHRYSI AVGI (People’s Association – Golden Dawn)Zaroulia Eleni
MemberK.K.E. (Communist Party of Greece)Manolakou Diamanto
MemberANEXARTITOI ELLINES (Independent Hellenes)Kouik Terens - Spenser - Nikolaos
MemberANEXARTITOI ELLINES (Independent Hellenes)Marias Epameinondas (Notis)
MemberPA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement)Sachinidis Filippos
MemberPA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement)Saltouros Dimitrios