- Subcommittee for people with disabilities ( SPECIAL PERMANENT COMMITTEES )

The subcommittee records and studies the various problems of people with disabilities. It aims at the safeguard of equal opportunities in the accessibility of social goods, economic and cultural life and submits proposals on the improvement of the current institutional framework


PositionPolitical PartyNameContact Info
ChairmanSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Stampouli Afroditi
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Karasarlidou Eyfrosyni (Froso)
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Kastoris Asterios
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Skoufa Elissavet (Mpetty)
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Stamataki Eleni
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Zeimpek Chousein
MemberN.D. (Nea Demokratia)Rapti Eleni
MemberDEMOCRATIC COALITION (Panhellenic Socialist Movement Democratic Left )Kefalidou Charoula (Chara)
MemberLAIKOS SYNDESMOS - CHRYSI AVGI (People’s Association – Golden Dawn)Aivatidis Ioannis
MemberK.K.E. (Communist Party of Greece)Gkiokas Ioannis
MemberINDEPENDENTMegalomystakas Anastasios