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Cultural Diary

Chief Editor – Presentation: Angela Tsiftsi
Assistance in Chief Editor: Katerina Koronaki
Production Executive: Katerina Katotaki
Production Manager: Fani Behraki
Direction: Pandora Xarhakou – Maria Chatzigianni
Editing: Christos Papageorgiou
Every Friday at 19.00 and every Saturday at 21.00 (repeat of Friday’s programme)
Duration: 60 minutes
An exciting and detailed programme regarding our cultural escapes and ventures with interesting ideas for musical, artistic and theatrical performances, films, visual art, exhibitions and many more!!
The Cultural Diary has been well established, through its weekly lively presence, since 2005.  The Cultural Diary on a weekly basis, becomes a proud host of captivating theatrical performances, reads fascinating books and visits cultural and artistic exhibitions. The programme also presents films of interest as well as musical and dance performances. The children’s artistic and cultural education remains at the core of the Cultural Diary’s priorities. The programme’s venue as the ‘meeting of hearts and minds’ has international boundaries as the Cultural Diary meets and learns from inspiring and talented people, not only from Greece but also from abroad. We strongly believe in the following:” Art has the power to inspire us and to provide us with unparalleled and moving insights with the aim to improve our sense of being to a sense of wellbeing”.

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