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Athens, 11 May 2022

Greece will not participate in PABSEC Session in Russia

The Greek parliamentary delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) will not participate in the regular, for the current semester, work of the 59th Plenary Session in Moscow (6-9 June 2022), following an intervention by the President of the Hellenic Parliament Constantine Tassoulas.

 It should be noted, that since Greece became a member of PABSEC, in June 1995, Greek participation in the regular work of the Assembly has been uninterrupted and in line with the objectives set by its Rules of Procedure, which include: to secure the understanding and adoption of the ideals of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, to provide a legal basis for economic, commercial, social, cultural and political cooperation among the Member States, to provide assistance to national parliaments so as to strengthen parliamentary democracy. 

It is the first time that a Greek parliamentary delegation will not participate in the regular work of the Assembly, and in particulare the Plenary Session, given that the host country, Russia, in violation of every notion of international law, has unprovokedly attacked Ukraine, causing immense human and material losses.  

The Member States participating in the Assembly are: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey. 


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