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Athens, 20 September 2021

“Human values” award presented at 44th Drama International Short Film Festival

The Human Values award of the Hellenic Parliament was presented in the framework of the International Competition of the 44th Drama International Short Film Festival to the film Les Criminels (The Criminals) by Kurdish director Serhat Karaaslan. It is a realistic drama with thriller elements – a France, Germany and Turkey co-production - defending the value of privacy in an authoritarian society where everyone is monitored and controlled.

The President of the Hellenic Parliament Constantine Tassoulas in his message to the festival said: Art is linked to the concept and practice of Freedom, because it seeks the truth, it lays bare the human soul and society, it provides its own dimensions to the complex and hard-to-interpret reality.  It moves beyond the lines of separation, it sharpens judgement, it activates the imagination, it highlights beauty, it scoffs at vulgarity.”

The Human Values award was presented to the director of the film by Drama MP Konstantinos Blouchos, representing the President of the Parliament.

The Drama MP, speaking during the closing ceremony, congratulated the creators and contributors of the festival and noted: “I hope that with this year’s journey through film we managed, if briefly and using our imagination, to transport you away from the grim reality of the pandemic and I hope that the transformative power of cinematic art has brought us closer to its dream world.”

The film was selected by a Hellenic Parliament Television Station committee, namely Aris Fatouros, Vassilis Douvlis and Kostas Demos.


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