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Athens, 20 September 2022

Bilateral meetings of Hellenic Parliament delegation in Albania

MPs Dionysia Avgerinopoulou and Kostas Zachariadis met with the Minister of Tourism and Environment of Albania Mirela Kumbaro in the framework of a visit by the Hellenic Parliament delegation to Tirana. 

Mrs Kumbaro briefed the Greek MPs on efforts by the Albanian government to protect the environemnt as well as its interest to create wind and solar parks. Both sides expressed their concerns about how to tackle the energy crisis and the impact increased energy costs will have on society. 

In their meeting with the Chairman of the Production, Trade and Environment Committee of the Albanian Parliament Arben Pellumbi, the Greek MPs exchanges views on the energy crisis, climate change, but also the wide room for cooperation between the two parliaments, while special reference was made to the know-how that the Hellenic Parliament can provide to the Parliament of Albania. 

The Hellenic Parliament delegation then met with the Archbishop of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania Anastasios, who briefed them on the work of the Archdiocese and referred to the titanic effort made by the Church of Albania for 30 years now, expressing his firm stance on the peaceful cooexistence of religions and cultures.

Lastly, Mrs Avgerinopoulou and Mr Zachariadis met with Ilias Katsouris and Denald George Tafani, members of the Greek Business Association of Albania and discussed the outward-looking nature of the Greek economy, the tools of cooperation to strengthen entrepreneurship and improve the economic climate of the two countries.   

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