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Athens, 2 September 2021

Constantine Tassoulas, President of Parliament “Greece bows to its top melodist”

In his statement on the death of Mikis Theodorakis, the President of the Parliament, Constantine Tassoulas, points out:

“It is with great sorrow and emotion that we were informed this morning of the passing of Mikis Theodorakis, who lived a full life of contribution, but also of recognition.

A melodist of greekness in a unique way, he brought us into contact with all of its aspects, with exquisite music and voices, this is why today Greeks the world over bow with reverence to his fascinating path and his extraordinary and universal contribution that went beyond the cultural spectrum. We now start to walk down the path of his treasured memory.

Mikis Theodorakis is, and rightfully so, the most celebrated Greek of our times. A composer, a writer, a politician, he has been linked to our country and our people more than anyone else, he showcased Greece and beguiled Greece more than anyone else.

Greekness has now lost its melodist, yet not his melodies, which will continue to captivate and inspire us.

As for his public and political contribution, his passion for the homeland, democracy and freedom, they too will continue to inspire. For over half a century, he was exemplary in forging a uniquely fertile footprint!

The warmest condolences to his family on behalf of the Hellenic Parliament and myself.”

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