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Athens, 12 April 2022

Meeting of Secretary of Committee on National Defence and Foreign Affairs with Leader of Luxembourg's CSV Party

The Secretary of the National Defence and Foreign Affairs Committee and Chairman of the Greece-Luxembourg Parliamentary Friendship Group Anastasios Hadjivassiliou met today with Mr Claude Wiseler, MP of the Parliament of Luxembourg and Leader of the CSV Party and Mrs Isabel Wiseler-Lima, MPE, coordinator for Human Rights. 

Referring to the war in Ukraine, Mr Hadjivassiliou stressed that Russiaès invasion questions fundamental concepts of international law. He highlighted the fact that, as of the very beginning, Greece has unequivocally condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine and expressed the country's readiness to exhibit solidarity to front line member states. He added that Greece has welcomed a large number of refugees, noting that many minors are already attending classes in Greek schools.

Mr Hadjivassiliou thanked Mr Claude Wiseler and Mrs Isabel Wiseler-Lima for their cooperation in the management of migration, also expressing feelings of gratitude for their willingness to welcome unaccompanied minors and beneficiaries of international protection from Greece as a concrete sign of solidarity. Regarding the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean region, the Greek MP stated that despite the Greek Prime Minister and Turkish President high-profile meeting,  Turkey seems to resort again to its illegal and provocative practices in the Eastern Mediterranean, a behaviour that threatens regional peace and stability.

Mr Claude Wiseler and Msrs Isabel Wiseler-Lima, welcomed the long-standing relations, common values and principles shared by the two countries as EU partners and NATO allies and expressed the hope for keeping up and enhancing close cooperation on all issues of common interest.


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