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Athens, 13 October 2021

Greece - Saudi Arabia Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman meets with Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Athens

The exceptional level of the relations of traditional friendship was confirmed during today’s meeting of the Chairman of the Greece – Saudi Arabia Parliamentary Friendship Group and General Secretary of the New Democracy Parliamentary Group Ioannis Bougas with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Athens Dr Saad Alammar. It is proven by the intensification of visits from both sides at the political and commercial level as well as by the important economic agreements that have been struck.

The special importance attached to the further strengthening of relations between the two countries is not only reflected in the level of economic and investment cooperation, but also in the alliance in the defence sector, which is of strategic importance, and which was recently forged and is developing.

It was also stressed that since both countries are pillars of stability in the wider region of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean affected by current geopolitical developments, there is a natural foreign policy-strategic connection that results between the two sides.

It was also mentioned that Green Growth and Renewable Energy Sources are on the two countries’ agenda of common goals and cooperation.

Lastly, the two sides pledged to exchange visits of the Parliamentary Friendship Groups, as soon as conditions allow.

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