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Athens, 23 November 2020

Mrs. Marietta Giannakou, Head of Greek delegation to NATO PA, elected Vice-president of Assembly

Mrs. Marietta Giannakou, MP, Head of the Greek Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA), has been elected Vice-president of the Assembly, during the vote that took place shortly before the conclusion of the 66th Annual Session of the Parliamentary Assembly to elect a new Bureau. It is the first time that a member of the Hellenic Parliament is elected to that office. Another member of the Greek Delegation, Mr. Andreas Loverdos, MP, was elected Vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Future Security and Defence Capabilities.


Following her election, Mrs. Giannakou, after congratulating the newly-elected President of the Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. Gerald Connolly, from the US, and the outgoing President, Mr. Attila Mesterhazy, from Hungary, made the following statement: “I believe that we will work on the basis of the expectations that we have for the Alliance, for NATO 2030, through the three objectives that have been set by Secretary General Stoltenberg, i.e. a militarily strong Alliance, with an enhanced political aspect and global role. These criteria, I believe, will guide us in our work in the future and in the framework of the NATO PA, men and women, we will all work towards achieving these three goals.”


Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, addressed NATO PA members and spoke in detail on the three objectives of the Assembly for 2030 and answered questions by MPs. Referring to the role of NATO in the Eastern Mediterranean he spoke of the need to “establish a military de-confliction mechanism”, that “can prevent dangerous incidents and accidents in the Eastern Mediterranean. And it can create the opportunity for political discussions and diplomatic solutions … we should not forget that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. That ultimately, we are NATO Allies. Committed to our core mission. To protect and defend one another”. “Our voice is more powerful when we stand united” he concluded on the subject.


This year's NATO PA Annual Session adopted several Resolutions on the following subjects:

  1. The Transatlantic Strategy on China

  2. The Follow-up to the 1324 Security Council Resolution on Women, Peace and Security

  3. Economic resilience and the pandemic

  4. Defence innovation

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