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Athens, 6 July 2021

Meeting of President of Hellenic Parliament with Speaker of National Assembly of Republic of Korea

The President of the Hellenic Parliament Constantine Tassoulas expressed his firm belief that the only guarantee for our peoples to move forward in peace and progress is the commitment to the values of the UN Charter and the Law of the Sea, in the meeting he held today with the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Byeong-Seug Park.

“The invasion that took place in the summer of 1950 in Korea, oddly but not inexplicably, accelerated Greece’s and Turkey’s accession to NATO”, Mr. Tassoulas reminded his counterpart.

“Greece and Korea may be geographically apart, but based on their history, their common struggles for freedom and democracy and their common values, of the UN Charter, they are, at the end of the day, very close” stressed the President of the Parliament and thanked Mr. Byeong-Seug Park for the honour bestowed upon Greece by Korea, which is constructing “a new monument honouring the Greeks who fought for the freedom of Korea, in a very distinguished and prominent spot”.

Mr. Tassoulas praised the Republic of Korea for the way in which it managed the pandemic, noting to Mr. Byeon-Seug Park that “the entire world and Greece was watching the success with which Korea became a pioneer in addressing the pandemic, mainly through testing of the population and measures of self-protection”.

For his part, the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Byeong-Seug Park thanked Mr. Tassoulas for the very warm welcome and then referred to the anniversary of the 200 years since the Greek Revolution and expressed his deep gratitude to “the Greek people and the Greek government for the fact that Greece sent 10.000 men to the war in Korea”.

“We are forever grateful to the Greeks. This is why the government and the people of Korea are trying in every possible way to honour the Korean war veterans”, noted Mr. Byeong-Seug Park.

He referred to the “exemplary way in which the two countries cooperate”, especially in the maritime and shipping sector and expressed the hope that this cooperation will extend to other sectors.

Following the statements there was the ceremonial exchange of gifts, and after the talks Mr. Tassoulas guided his Korean counterpart around the Parliament’s exhibition “Beholding Liberty! At the Hellenic Parliament, two centuries later”.

From the Greek side present was also the Bureau of the Greece – Republic of Korea Friendship Group and the Secretary General of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Georgios Mylonakis.

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea was accompanied by a multi-member parliamentary delegation and the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Greece.


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