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The Parliament publishes a wide range of high quality books in terms of aesthetic presentation and content. Through such publications, Parliament makes sure that Parliamentary Work is being promoted on a daily basis while preserving historical memory and strengthening the democratic consciousness of citizens, especially the young.

The Directorate of Publications produces prints and forwards to Members of Parliament, to Parliamentary Editors and to the general public all types of documents and publications produced within the Parliament’s wider scope of activities and proceedings.
It actually publishes:
  • The Minutes
  • Explanatory reports attached to Bills
  • Reports by Standing Committees on Bills
  • Scientific Service Reports on Bills
  • Lists of decisions made by Parliament, including adopted Bills and Law Proposals
  • Reports by Special Permanent (ad hoc) Committees
  • Reports by inter-party Parliamentary Committees
  • Reports on the findings of Investigation Committees
  • Constitutional Revision Proposals
  • Reports by the Committee on the Revision of the Constitution
  • Lists of the registry of Members of Parliament, plenipotentiaries and senators.
Many of these publications come in a digital form as well.
Moreover, the Parliament publishes exhibition catalogues and lists, brochures and leaflets, calendars, posters, postcards, engravings etc in the framework of its educational and cultural projects.
Publications are classified by subject and date of publication.

Let it be noted that Hellenic Parliament books and publications are not sold at stores while books and publications by the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarianism and Democracy are marketed to selected bookstores in Athens, Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece.

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