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Hellenic Parliament TV

The Television Station of the Hellenic Parliament is operating since 1999 as an autonomous television network, a non-profit mass medium. Administratively, it is an organic unit of the Hellenic Parliament placed hierarchically underthe Speaker of the Parliament.

The need for objective and substantive information is one of the standing and fundamental demands of the civil society nowadays. Within this framework, the operation of parliament radio and television stations may become a means of social awareness, encourage active citizenship, provide genuine information guaranteeing transparency in the operation of the political system and accessibility to the institutional decision making centers.
The Television Station of the Parliament is an institution, as regards its nature and its operation, Medium and its primal reason of establishment is to record the parliamentary activities and to promote culture.
Among the main goals of the Channel of the Parliament is to inform and to familiarize the citizens with the work of the Parliament regarding crucial decisions directly affecting the  Hellenic society.  
Within its mission the Station of the Parliament has as the main content of its Program the broadcasting of all the sittings of the Plenum, of the sittings of the Standing Committees (previously recorded), of the sitting of the Recces Section of the Parliament (Summer Session) as well as part of theworks of the other parliamentary committees.
Moreover, in the framework of promoting cultural subjects, the Television of the Parliament broadcasts classical movies of Greek and international cinematography, historical and scientific documentaries, opera, theatrical plays and ballets, profiles of great artists, while emphasis is given to folklore subjects designating the social history of the different areas of our country.
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