Dimitrios  StratoulisSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)

Dimitrios Stratoulis

Member of Parliament Athens B

Contact Info

Web Site:
telephone: 00302103378400
[FAX]: 00302103217003

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Been born in the 2-11-1958 in the municipality Astakos of Etoloakarnania.
Marital Status:
Wedded with the lawyer Evaggelia Saltou, father of two children.
Worker in the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A., in the Subdirection of Working Subjects.
Doctor of labour relations, Graduate of Legal Department of Legal Athens, and department of Political Sciences Athens.

Political/Social Activities

Coordinator of committee of working policy of SYRIZA.
Member of Political Secretariat of COALITION OF LEFT.
Vice-president of Institute of Work of GSEE.
He was member of National Committee for the Rights of Person and, as elected representative of workers, member of Administrative Council Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, Representative Assembly of Social Control of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization while also member of Administration of GSEE, Secretary of her Social Policy.
He was activated in Greek and in the European Social Forum, in the social movements of my country and Europe.
He was submitted two times in successful transplantations of kidney (1999 and 2011).
Writer, the book “the labour relations in the maelstrom of neoliberal hurricane” (Greek Letters, 2005) and collective book “Unemployment and Employment in Greece” (Modern Season, 1991).