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The Library holds 725.000 volumes of all disciplines, newspapers and journals. The Library’s collections are developed by legislation (Law 3149/2003), which stipulates that all publishers in Greece have to deposit copies to the Library of the Hellenic Parliament. Also, the Library purchases a large number of foreign titles.
  • The Main Library includes titles in: politics, economic and social studies, law and history for supporting the legislative work and a reference unit (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks etc.). Moreover, it includes the Special Collections containing archetypes, old prints and rare editions from 1481 to 1900, as well as 19th-20th century political leaflets.
  • Benakeios Library, donated by Emmanuel Benakis to house the Psycharis Collection (35.000 volumes), includes also volumes on mathematics, physics, anthropology, philosophy, theology, medicine, Greek and foreign literature and the arts. The personal libraries of politicians such as Zigomalas, Metaxas, Kafadaris, Sideris, Tsaldaris and others are also kept there.
  • The former Public Tobacco Factory houses the largest number of volumes of all categories, along with recent editions of Greek and foreign literature, of sciences etc.
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