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Directorate for European Affairs

Head: Anastassia Fragou
The Directorate of European Affairs is responsible for fostering stronger working relations between the Hellenic Parliament and EU institutions, the National Parliaments of EU member-states, those of other European countries as well as with European Regional Parliamentary Organizations by planning and arranging for such contacts.

The Directorate of European Affairs consists of the following Departments and Office:
A) Department of EU
Head: Despina Fola
tel.: 210 3733538 – 3539, fax: 210 3733548

The Department provides, among others, administrative and general support to the ad hoc Standing Committee on European Affairs and to other parliamentary committees for overseeing EU legislation (compliance with the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality) as well as within the framework of EU interparliamentary Cooperation.

The Department is in charge of the collection and filing of all consultation and regulatory documents sent by EU institutions, as well as of the processing and utilization of such documents, in cooperation with the appropriate Committees. It also contributes in preparing for the exercise of parliamentary control by relevant Committees.
The Department is also entrusted with creating, managing and updating a database for all types of texts the European Commission forwards ensuring easy access for parliamentarians and Greek Euro-MPs and appropriate parliamentary departments alike. The Department moreover exchanges information and relevant material with other EU Parliaments through the website of IPEX.
Β) Department for European Regional Conferences and Partnerships
Head: Pinelopi Nikole
Tel.: 210 3733540 – 3541, Fax: 210 3733548

The Department is responsible for monitoring and following up on the business and proceedings of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA), the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), the parliamentary branch of European regional Conferences and Partnerships in which the Hellenic Parliament takes part, such as the Southeast-European Co-operation Process (SEECP), the Adriatic Ionian Initiative (AII) etc as well as for providing administrative and general support to parliamentary committees.

C) Department of Friendship and Bilateral Groups
Head: Maria Daskalaki
Tel.: 210 3733422, φαξ: 210 3733490


D) Hellenic Parliament Liaison Office with the European Parliament
Head: Eleni Sianna
Tel.: (+32) 2 284 45 64

The office is in charge of relation-building and cooperating between Parliament and the respective liaison officers in other EU national parliaments as well as with the Secretariat of COSAC. It is also in charge of the systematic following-up on the business of all European Parliament Committees and immediately updating respective Hellenic Parliament committees and its Directorates while also briefing the Hellenic Parliament on the activities of Greek Members of the European Parliament and providing an interface with the Permanent Representation of Greece to the EU.